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Everyone would love to see their lawn in beautiful condition. However, few people are aware of the basics of the integrity of lawn preparation and maintenance.

Lawn care should not be taken as a hobby, especially here in the Charlotte, NC area. The heat here is brutal on grass and the clay soil is a lawn killer. Parker services will work with you and your budget to come up with a solution for your lawn care. Nothing is more enjoyable then spending time with family and friends on a well manicured lawn.

Before planting, the soil must be conditioned to provide maximize seed germination.  Water is critical at this time, as well as knowing when to add fertilizer and weed control.

Now lets talk more about the mowing of your lawn. What is the proper frequency that the lawn should be mowed? What is the ideal height that the lawn should be maintained at and why? Parker Services can answer these questions for you.

What is considered sufficient watering especially during large dry spells of the summer to sustain the grass.

Once a year your lawn should be aerated, this will open up the soil leaving more space for the lawn to breathe and take in a good mix of fertilizers with adequate nitrogen, phosphate and potash to accelerate the healthy growth of the grass.
To be technical, lawns require more than one feeding a year. In the summer the lawn needs more of a nitrogen rich fertilizer, where in autumn feed should be rich in phosphate and potash. This all sets the stage for an attractive disease free lawn.

From planting the seed to mowing, Parker has the solution to a well maintained yard.

Please watch our video below to see some of the lawns that we have cared for.


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