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Why choose Parker over the other Guy?

Equipment You’ll never be waiting on us to repair equipment we have extras

Heavy Equipment- Lower landscaping/grading pricing

(We own our own dump truck, skid steer and Excavator (no rental surcharges)

Insurance- we'll stand behind our damage and have it fixed promptly

7 days a week- no need to wait multiple days because of rain or other weather issues - Will mow sunrise-sunset until we are caught up

Select: One Service or Full Service- we offer a full line of services so that you can customize your plan

Experience- we average 110 yards mowed weekly during the summer months

Whatever your yard condition is we'll handle it

Invoice billing- Parker will mow now and collect later (limit 2 mowings)

Networking- want some gravel, trees, bushes etc? Parker has many connections with local suppliers and distributers to provide a fair marketable price

Services Parker Offers             Mowing/ Lawn Service

Hedges-mulch pine-needles- weed-control

Irrigation-maintenance- tree-planting -Landscaping

Grading- Clearing Patios -Retaining walls- Aerating-Seeding

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Drainage/Erosion control

We appreciate your time and are thankful for the opportunity to service you

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